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Also, for good measure, here's a picture of my adorably daughter...


The M family | Albuquerque family photographer

This is it! My last Texas session completed and blogged! You have no idea the sigh of relief I feel at this very moment, lol.

So of course, I saved the best for last. Ha! Meet Susan - she was my "big sister" in my sorority so many years ago. We have been thru a lot together, and I am happy to say she is one of the few people who were actually in attendance at my wedding (we semi-eloped, lol). Our session was originally scheduled for downtown Austin, but I am glad that other circumstances pushed it to Baylor University campus, instead. I am in love with all the colors in these photos, and we had a good time.

You can see from these photos that there are certain challenges with photographing young kiddos. Sometimes they are just totally not into it. But no matter how upset or uncooperative moms and dads feel like their children are being, there are always - ALWAYS - smiling shots, and great action shots. So if you are considering family photography, keep that in mind. Your photographer is capturing great moments, even if you feel like things are a disaster.

Thanks again, Susan! I hope some of these end up on the walls of your beautiful new home. Love you!

Taryn + Matt | Albuquerque maternity photographer

Dear Taryn,

I can't believe it has been 12-and-a-half years since we first met. We've come a long way from our days at Kokernot, The Center, and 1911. From our days going to Alpha Chi meetings after, ahem, a Ninfarita or two. From our days of jumping in the car, driving around, and randomly deciding to buy a dog...with Kelly's money. From our days of road trips to Florida, California and Colorado. From our days of taking shots of various types of alcohols that were never meant to be taken as shots. From our days of skipping class to sleep in, and riding around in the Bus at 3am with water balloons and squirt guns.

We've come a long, long way.

Because now I am a mom. And are about to be one. Well, technically, you have been one for awhile. But just you wait. Just you wait until that little man is in your arms for the first time, and you hear his first breath. Just you wait until that moment when he looks into your eyes and your entire world melts into that one special connection between the two of you.

You will spend so many hours over the next few years - well, probably forever - looking at your sweet little babe and wondering how it was possible that you created such a miracle. That this walking, talking human being came from you. You will never have the answer to why you have been so blessed, but you can only assume that God had something to do with it...which means you will most likely spend a lot of time in the future thanking Him.

The two of us are members of a club that many women may never have the privilege of belonging to, whether by choice or circumstance. We, my friend, are so blessed.

Congratulations on being blessed with one of the most amazing journeys in the world. I have no doubt you are going to be one amazing mother, and I can't wait to see you with your son. I'm already so excited to meet him.

I love you, my friend. MOST.

The G family | Albuquerque family photographer

I love this family - they remind me so much of the "typical American family" - the one I picture in my mind.

Two beautiful little girls. Gorgeous house in a nice neighborhood. College flag flying out front. Beautiful couple. While I was there, Christina was beginning to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner the next day.

It was just so...comfortable.

And never have two young children been so cooperative and smiled so much!! They were like seasoned pros!! Lol.

Thanks again, Christina! Enjoy your sneak peek!

The Y family | Albuquerque family photographer

Meet Natalie and her family.

Natalie and I met awhile back, again, while we worked together at Chili's (I swear - being in a sorority and being a waitress is what has kept me in business thru the years, lol).

Anyways, I have so many stories to share about Natalie. I remember the day she told me about how she had met Steven - a guy who she thought seemed to be "different" from all the rest. I remember the day they wed - I caught the bouquet and wore some god-awful neon green dress with pink heels. I remember the day I found out Natalie had breast cancer. I remember the day she posted her very last photo from chemotherapy. I remember the day she came to me for boudoir photos, after having surgical reconstruction from a double mastectomy.

And now I can add "family photos" to the list.

I am lucky to have Natalie as a friend. When I was hospitalized with Charlotte at 32 weeks, she was one of the first people to text  me with words of support and encouragement. She is a total gem.

Thanks again, Natalie and Steven! I was laughing quite a bit as I edited your photos because of all that 6-year-old sass. Lol.

Enjoy your sneak peek!

Kristi | Albuquerque portrait photographer

Meet Kristi.

I met Kristi about 10 years ago, when I started working at Chili's. I honestly can't remember if she was a hostess and then started waiting tables, or what. But I remember that we clicked.

Kristi and I are like twins - except she's 10 times more beautiful, and 10 times as thin. We have a lot of the same quirks about us; we share a lot of common interests; and having not seen Kristi since 2005 had not mattered even one bit - we picked up right where we left off.

She wanted to do something that I had honestly never done. She wanted to walk around downtown Austin, in the middle of the day, taking "magazine-styled photos." I considered it like senior photos on steroids. And uh, I was dreading shooting in full sun.

But it worked!

And the images turned out beautifully. No doubt because Kristi is gorgeous, and natural, and so much fun.

Thanks again, my friend. It was so lovely to see you and spend time with you. Next time let's do it over some margaritas and delicious Mexican food. :)